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Now you can purchase your favorite items from Tanglefy with IOTA.
Our website offers a fast and secure way for shopping online.
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When you make a purchase on our website, there is no banks or institutions processing your transaction.

Everything is done through the Tangle Network!

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Data Management

Our website does not ask or store you seed, you simply submit a payment within your IOTA wallet.

No need to type your seed or address is a good thing!

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Address Regeneration

Whenever you are ready to pay, the IOTA payment gateway generates a new address everytime.

And there's a time out! You have two minutes to send payment, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

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Best Security

We can never stop talking about security, that's what IOTA is all about! Shop with confidence on Tanglefy.

We built this site not only for IOTA, but mainly for your security.

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Need Help? We Are Here To Help!

If you need assistance on, please be sure to send us an email with any questions you may have.

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From Kickstarter To Tanglefy

From one of the most successful Cryptocurrency projects on Kickstarter, to Tanglefy.

Speed is Everything helps the Tangle Network every time you make a purchase. No matter what the cost is.

Fast Payment = Fast Shipping

The faster the Tangle Network processes your payment, the faster your item is shipped.

Why We Chose IOTA?

IOTA does not charge anyone a transaction fee, it’s scalable, decentralized and modular.

Blockchain vs The Tangle Blockchain Tangle
No miners
No fees
Fast transactions
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